RIP: Who Was Ioana Mihaela & Cause Of Death? Woman Found Dead In Ratoath, Age, Funeral & Obituary!

The dead body of a woman was discovered in a flat which stirred up the entire building and town. Now the case came fore and people are looking to know about the deceased. As per the report, the dead body of the lady was found on Saturday, 12th November 2022 and according to the police she had solely shifted into this new apartment last weekend. It is tough to understand what happened within 1 week when someone killed her. There are many people who want to know about this murder case and looking for more insights.

According to the reports, Gardai suspect Ioana Mihaela, who is in her 30s and initially hailed from Romania was assassinated by someone who is already known to her. Police are trying to find out more evidence of this case. Over the past few days, the cases of murders have increased and the suspects become quite smart and left no proof. The media outlet comprehends Ioana, who believed that someone choked her neck or strangled her. Police are trying to understand that she had recently shifted to this flat located in Ratoath last weekend.

What Happened With Ioana Mihaela?

The 30-year-old lady whose body was found was lethally assailed in her flat which is located in Riverwalk Court in Co Meanth town. Her body was found at around 06:00 PM on Saturday, 06:00 PM. The reports state that 1 man was detained at the crime scene and remains in the custody of Garda and police interrogating him and trying to find out more about this case. The identification of the suspect is not out yet and without having any information we can’t confirm this news. The state of police who are not seeking anyone to else in link to the demise is expected to increase the level of the probe to a slaying investigation.

Ioana Mihaela: Wikipedia & Bio

The family of Ioana is totally devastated by the murder of her and the investigation by the cops already going on. The family are still not believing that someone killed her. She was just 30 years old when she took her last breath and the saddest part is that someone killed her. Her sister Tocoian Estera states that “A clean and smooth road to heaven, my lovely sister, you left us in a huge pain and it is getting tough for us to overcome the pain.”

Police state that her friend called at 901 and informed us that her friend is missing. After that, she was discovered after a pal raised the alarm showing concern for her well-being and safety. Though it is sad that she was found dead. After finding the dead body the police sealed off the apartment and no one is allowed to go inside without their permission.

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