Mid-Air Crash During Dallas Show, Two Aircraft Collides In Mid-Air Video Trending On Internet!

Social media is floating with the news of two aircrafts.People are searching for the trending news.They wanted to know all the details about the accident.

Two aircraft coll!ded in the middle of the air during Dallas years old and there was a black cloud of smoke in the front of the field.


It happened on the 12th of November 2022 in an air show that was happening near Dallas Executive Airport from the 12th of November 23 to Saturday. The people who show it like cannot believe it.

It is still unclear how many people passed away or he*rt and no statistics have been revealed.

everything was going ok but after it caused some hundred metres it suddenly co!lided and both of them were on the grassy area.

Everybody was just standing there mesmerized when this was happening emergency services were immediately called.

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