Teacher and Onlyfans Model Samantha Peer Forced To Quit After Leaked Video (Watch Video)

Teacher and Onlyfans Model Samantha Peer Forced To Quit After Leaked Video.

Samantha Peer, a middle school teacher, has been trending on TikTok for all the incorrect reasons. What is known is listed below.

Two teachers from Lake Havasu City were fired from their jobs for allegedly creating explicit content on school property.


Samantha Peer and her husband Dillion Peer recorded the offensive material, which she then uploaded to her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Because of this, pupils who were following the teacher on the platforms were able to view the video, which resulted in the expulsion of the teachers.

Samantha and Dillion were fired on October 31 and November 4, 2022, respectively, according to the Lake Havasu Unified School District Human Resources’ report.

The mother of a Lake Havasu youngster said that the video depicted the teachers engaging in sexual acts on their desks.

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One of the parents, Kristina Minor, remarked: “That was the desk of my friend’s daughter. She is embarrassed by the circumstance. Knowing that her students have seen everything, including what is on their desks, [the teacher] doesn’t care.

“I pay taxes. These instructors are not being paid to record pornography. They are compensated to instruct our children and hold them to high standards.

Samantha’s employer, Thunderbolt, informed parents via email on November 7 that pupils had been sharing the graphic video with one another.

The email stated: “The person shown no longer works for LHUSD and the photographs depicted did not occur during the school day.”


Additionally, Thunderbolt Middle School asked parents to delete any explicit information from their kids’ phones and to talk to them about how to use technology responsibly.

Samantha allegedly used a different name for her OnlyFans account and promoted her videos on TikTok and other social media sites.

Alea Bilski, a parent from the Lake Havasu school system, claimed she saw Samantha using her real identity on social networking sites and linking to her OnlyFans account. She added that the parents were only notified by the school after she posted about it on Facebook.

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