Samantha Peer video trending on YouTube and Twitter

Samantha Peer is trending on the internet at this time. Recently one of her videos has been trending and people on the internet have gone crazy to get the link and watch the video, for they are searching about her on the web. In this article we will talk about her personal details and her trending video.

Who is Samantha Peer?

Samantha Peer was a science teacher at Thunderbolt Middle School until October 31, when she shared her video account on Instagram, which was discovered and subsequently shared by students.

Samantha Peer video

Former Thunderbolt Middle School teacher Samantha Peer, who resigned from her position after Lake Havasu Unified School District officials became aware of her account, released a video statement Friday afternoon.Science teacher shared content on filmed on school grounds.

Samantha Peer trending video

The story has caught the attention of television news stations in Phoenix who attempted to speak with Peer but she declined.

Today’s News Herald attempted to reach Peer for comment over her Facebook but as of press time she has not responded.


An Arizona teacher has been fired after being found filming pornographic material in her middle school classroom.

Peer also says in the video that she started relying on additional income from because of low teacher salaries at Lake Havasu City schools .

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