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Felipe Kast, conservative senator from Chile, would have been recorded with a trans model in his car The politician is in the midst of controversy over a video circulating on social networks.

The video went trending on social networks after the Instagram profile tv published it on the night of Thursday, November 10 and generated controversy among Chilean citizens, who considered Kast a family man, who would not be seen in this type of nocturnal actions.


video of felipe kast twitter

In the images you can see the companion trying to record Kast’s face and he, realizing what she was trying to do, tries to grab the phone so that he does not focus on it anymore. The few seconds that the video lasts gave social networks to affirm that it was the politician.

felipe kast felipe kast twitter video

The problem is not the life or the preferences of Felipe Kast, the problem is the double discourse of his sector his homophobia and transphobia”, said “the thing about Felipe Kast only confirms that the more Christian and conservative, the more liar it were some of the messages that arrived on Twitter from those who could already see the controversial video.

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