Watch Salto Piscine Twitter Pool Accident Video

It is the trending video where a black man can be seen jumping into the pool. First this man takes judgment to dive into pool.

He jumps into the pool but his head get hit to the floor and below the neck body touches pool. One can see, his head was broke and bl**d can be seen.


His mouth from nose side gets broke into two pieces and one can;t imagine how cr*el the accident was.

Salto Piscine Pool Incident

His nose has been hit massively to thye floor that he has a big cut on it. Area from his nose got break into two pieces.The name of this black man is not known.

Watch Salto Piscine Twitter Video - Salto Piscine Face Hit Swimming Pool  Video : r/bukyzonee

It is still unclear why he was trying to shoot video while diving. Whether he planned to hit his ground or it just haopened accidently.The video is from France. It is still not clear excatly where the incident took place.


The video is not recommened for sensitive viewers as it could be quite dist*rbing for them. It is necessary to take a right judgment while jumping into the pool.

In this scenario, it was pool from one of the hotel, where space was not enough big to jump into the pool. Still, this man jumped into the pool from higher feet but met with this incident.

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