Rapper Finesse Trap Shot In Head, Goes On IG Live With Bullet Stuck In Skull

North Carolina Rapper Goes On IG Live With Bullet Stuck In Skull

A North Carolina rapper named Finesse Trap Life is going viral, after surviving a gunshot wound to the head. And shockingly after taking one in the dome, the rapper picked up his phone and immediately went on Instagram Live.

The rapper didn’t seem worried about taking a bullet right between his eyes, either. Instead, he bragged about how tough he is to his fans.

The rapper starts out the video saying, “You can never stop a savage, I’m really cut like that.” He continued, “And I sent them b**tches back,” suggesting that he returned fire after taking a head shot from the opps.

“You got to know how to survive under that pressure,” the rapper added.

As Finesse Trap Life gave his bravado explanation, blood was trickling down his face and you could see a noticeable bullet hole right between his eyes.

Then – at the end of the video – it appears that the pain from the gunshot began to overwhelm him. He ended the video after saying, “I’m not gonna lie this thing hurt like a mother f****r.”

It’s a pretty startling video, but we warn you – it is pretty graphic also.

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