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Recently, a video was posted on Twitter where two women were seen fighting with each other. The fight that started as an argument turned into a one where both women kept pulling each other’s hair and started beating each other with punches and kicks.

This fight took place in a high school. The people around the two girls tried to calm down the girls and tried their best to avoid the conflict.

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However, the quarrel intensified, and the girl was beaten up badly. Currently, there is no personal information about the girls, and someone in the school anonymously took the video.

Girl pulling off braids video:

The 32-second viral fight video of the girl who got her cornrows ripped out, with the heart shape on the side, was viewed by many people around the world on Twitter.

It happened in high school. The two girls started arguing with each other at first before one of them slapped the other, and then the real fight started in front of the other girls.

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