Dwayne Dawkins Video Trending on Twitter

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’s Trending footage is creating a lot of buzz around the internet and thousands of people are searching for it. He is a well-known city Public School teacher and has been pursuing a career for more than 8 years now.

Now he is also acting as a college advisor to the Student Organisation and he is well known for doing podcasts on various platforms.

Who Is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?

But recently a very interesting and controversial video went trending on various networking sites as some online citizens have been saying that he was spotted with his gay partner. And has been doing a job.

His father is a Bishop of Columbus and he is a very significant personality. Recently there are tumours of home about him and his supporters and friends are constantly defending it by saying that it is a piece of total non-legit news.

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He already has a beautiful wife and living is a happy life with them and he is also the president of the East in New York general assembly of the church.

Pastor Dwayne Dawkins’s Video

There has been no information circulated by the official organization Veri works and he is a pure Christian and heavily influenced by the Catholic Church.

He has a bachelor of arts in elementary education from the New York State University and also a master’s from the urban ministry.

>>> Watch here is full video

He teaches multiple subjects like medicine and psychology and is also of coaching and mentoring personality.

Students have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for a person of his stature.

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