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Fella Precious Makafui video, a well-known Ghanaian performer, has made important contributions to the industry with her acting and modelling abilities. She gained prominence after participating in the Ghanaian television programme YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Since then, she has worked with well-known people in the entertainment industry and acted in more movies. In addition to being a beautiful model and actress, Fella Makafui is also a controversial person. She has persisted in her pursuit of her ambitions despite this.

Despite hailing from a modest background, she is well-known for her charity activities.Makafui, a rapper and musician, married Medikal, also known as Samuel Adu Frimpong, on March 7, 2020.

The pair, met and fell in love on Facebook, decided to get married. In September 2020, their first child, Island Frim pong, was born.


As the main actress in the popular television series “You Only Live Once,” Fella Makafui achieved renown. The television programme YOLO addresses the societal obstacles that hinder young people from being aware of reproductive health concerns.

Fella received the Most Promising Actress award at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards for her exceptional performance in the YOLO series.Fella has acted in a considerable number of films throughout her very young acting career.

Kanda River, Chaskele, and Once Upon a Family are among the highly praised films released in April.Fella Makafui modifies her Twitter account to spread divorce rumors.Fella Makafui and her husband, Medikal, seem to be encountering difficulties behind the scenes.


Online rumour mongers allege that Medikal has caught cheating on Fella Makfui several times.Rumors spread by gossip websites say the actress is tired of her marriage and wants to get out of it.

Several months ago, phantom Instagram bloggers said that Fella had vowed to abandon Medikla if she ever found out that she was cheating on her again.

This occurred before the current allegations that Fella was divorcing the AMG-signed artist.According to the current state of affairs, Fella will have discovered her husband’s extramarital affair for the nth time and will not forgive him this time.

Yesterday morning, Fella sent a message to her Twitter account. When it went trending and she couldn’t handle the response, she deleted it.


Many Twitter users thought at first that she getting ready to give her account to Medikla. Who had banned for good for pretending to be Nana Addo.

She was quietly addressing her marital troubles, as uncovered by a more thorough examination.Also, Medikal sent a Snapchat message to Fella Makfui in which he made fun of her by calling her rude, ungrateful, and stressful.

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