Abi Fisher Murder Case Updates, Husband Sentenced For Life In Murder Of Castleford School Teacher!

Hello, readers welcome back to our article in this article we are going to inform you about the very shocking news that is coming up and making a lot of controversies these days and grabbing a lot of attention so your mind is curious to know about this particular story that we are going to start so it is related to a person whose name is Mathew fisher so he is coming into existence and now he is in a great problem while he has to serve a minimum term of 15 years and we will make sure to inform you each and every detail regarding this particular murder of Castle Ford teacher.


So he is the husband of Abi fisher now he has been going into custody and has been sentenced to a life sentence as he has attempted the murder the teacher he has been coming on to the social media platform he has been appealing to people out there to find his wife hours after he has done and attempted this thing while dumping her body in the bushes now he is in jail where you fisher is 30 years old who used to beat and behave very badly with his own wife whose name is Abi Fisher.

What Happened With Abi Fisher?

However apart from attempting this particular incident he also left their baby alone when he went for dumping her body into the car and after that disposed of it in the Woodland yes it is quite shocking as well as horrifying after the holes in are you he written back to the home which is located in the castle wood West Yorkshire, and then went to the police for filing the missing complaint of her own wife. After that Police came into existence and started their investigation.


Abi Fisher Murder Case Updates

According to the investigation, fisher was given who also mentioned to the officers start he had last seen the primary school teacher on the evening of 8th July however when he was waking up the next day he was not able to find her there were several people friends colleague who was joining the police team so that they can also help them in search of the teacher they also started posting messages on the social media platform so that they can find her.

Live updates as Abi Fisher's killer husband is jailed for life for  murdering his wife - Leeds Live

However, meanwhile when people went for finding the teacher police started their investigation and they checked the phone of the teacher while they found something very unusual in her searches which is said that why does my husband hate me and is marriage counselling available on the NHS from that onwards the officers discovered about the whole matter and then they talk fisherman to the court for the further investigation and then they also check the CCTV camera.

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