Deviantseiga Belly Inflation Twitter video – Catgirl Belly Inflation by Cream video

Deviantseiga Belly inflation on Industrial video trends on online Deviantseiga Belly inflation video is an animated video Deviantseiga Twitter user goes viral after posting an animated video of Catgirl filled by cream on Industrial grounds.

People on tiktok are discussing and hunting for Catgirl belly inflation video .Deviantseiga Twitter video is same video which is getting popular with title of “Catgirl belly inflation by cream video”.


The viral video “Deviantseiga video” shows a Catgirl character being caught and locked up by industrial robots. The video further shows industrial robots filling cream into the belly of the catgirl anime character until her Belly gets inflated.

You can watch Deviantseiga Twitter video (which is also popular by several other titles such as Catgirl cream video, Catgirl belly inflation video and Catgirl on Industrial inflation video), below.

Belly On Inflation Industrial Deviantseiga - Catgirl Twitter Video Goes  Viral - YouTube

Who is Deviantseiga on Twitter ?

Seiga, known by his Twitter handle “Deviantseiga” is a flash animator who creates animated videos of Anime characters, such as Catgirl, mostly showing inflation and expansion of bellies in creepy manners.

People react to Deviantseiga Twitter video of Catgirl Belly inflation by cream

Deviantseiga Twitter video (Catgirl cream video) went trending on social media platforms and being widely discussed on TikTok also.

Hundreds of users are talking about Deviantseiga video and sparking curiosity among other users. In the result of this, TikTok users rushed to Twitter in order to watch the Deviantseiga video (Catgirl belly inflation video).

After watching the purported video, now many people are commenting their responses over the video.

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