Who Is Kayaker Matthew Gorne? Shark Encounter Video While Fishing Went Trending On Social Media !

The video of a White Shark is now trending on social media platforms.Many people are curious to know about the video of a white shark.Here you find complete details about the white shark.

The video of white shark att*ck It went trending on social media. The terrifying encount*r happened off Port Augusta in South Australia. The clip shows the exact moment a shark tried to bite the oars of a man sailing the sea.

Matthew Gorne had been on a fishing trip at Port Augusta, and was casting a line off his kayak when the shark jumped up out of the water and tried to take a bite out of his paddle.

The complete footage was captured by a GoPro camera . He was enjoying his Sunday fishing and the line was about 10 km outside the court the great white shark was trying to take a b octopus paddle and it was a scary moment .

It was a very dangerous side for him and he could not believe it in his eyesight ad he had been travelling to various areas with his dog and he completely enjoy his life while travelling and the Shark was about 3-4 M long.

He was fortunately saved.He was recording the video and it was a clear sunny day and the water was silent and he was able to see everything because it was really clear at first glance the Shark was roaming around his boat and it was doing nothing but a when it captured the Waves coming from the paddle it got attracted and try to att*ck the tidal he was using .

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