Watch Zanele Sifuba Leaked S£xTape Viral Video Twitter (Full 10Mins Video)

Watch Zanele Sifuba Leaked S£xTape Viral Video Twitter.

An explicit video shared on Twitter by a “Musa Khawula” clone featured the former lawmaker.

There are currently little details surrounding the disclosure, but rumors circulating online suggest that Sifuba was a victim of blackmail. At this point, it is also unclear where the breach originated.


Social media users supported the former ANC leader by urging user accounts to stop disseminating the Zanele Sifuba s*xt*pe.

Most commenters agreed that Sifuba’s right to privacy had been gravely violated after the viral incident.

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Prince Kaybee, a successful producer, also denounced the act. The singer recalls how upset his mother was when graphic pictures of his privates circulated online in a tweet.

“When I look at the Zanele Sifuba unfortunate incident I remember being on the phone with my mother for over an hour after my Dick was doing rounds. Had never heard her so disappointed, she cried throughout the call and I haven’t been able to forgive myself….,” he wrote.

Watch Zanele Sifuba Leaked S£xTape Viral Video Twitter (Full 10Mins Video)  -


@PrinceKaybee_SA / Twitter

When this article was published, neither the ANC nor Sifuba’s representatives had released a statement.

A well-known ANC figure in the Free State is Sifuba. She has been the province legislature’s speaker since 2019. Sifuba’s history is unknown, however her Wikipedia article, which was last revised on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, indicates that she may have studied education and teaching.
It’s also said she has three daughters and a son.

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