Mochis Edificio Twitter Video| Los Mochis Man jumped from Building

A man commits suicide from a building under construction at the University of Durango, Los Mochis campus in Sinaloa.

Individual loses his life by throwing himself from a building under construction at a private school in Los Mochis. It is presumed that the subject responded to the name of Armando and that he worked in a transport company.

Armando, who climbed to the top of a building under construction in Los Mochis, throws himself into the void and dies.


It was more than two hours where they tried to convince him to come down, but it didn’t work.

In Los Mochis, #Sinaloa a man jumped from a building under construction; He was 40 years old and was from the State of Mexico.

The authorities of the University of Durango Los Mochis campus failed to give statements regarding the closure of the building under construction from where a man fell from the 16th floor this Thursday.

Educational authorities fail to give statements on the closure of the UAD building in Los Mochis .

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