VIDEO: Daisy Galicia Marquez Car Accident Video, Cause Of Death Revealed, Age, Funeral Details & More!

Daisy Galicia a woman who is from Tulare passed away tragically and the people who knew her were in the tragic loss while they were sent condolences by many people online. The demise news was released online and there were many people who were shocked by her sudden demise and unnatural demise as well. The obituary and friend details were posted online where they posted about Daisy.

And talking about her in detail and also mentioned about she was and the way she used to treat other people along with her family. Let us learn more in detail about Daisy and also know the reason behind daisy’s demise as well. Daisy was only 29 years old when he passed away and she was widely lobed in her neighborhood and also in her work place as well. When an obituary was posted online and there were many people wrote about her.

Daisy Galicia Marquez Death Reason

People were shocked to hear such a tragic ending and also about her accident as well where she was found dead. There are many obituaries and also many people who wrote about her online making her one of the most searched people today on the internet various people who worked with her and also were known to her posted that she was a glorious person with an infectious smile as well along with a great character.

Daisy Galicia Marquez Obituary

An obituary posted online by Daisy’s family suggested that Daisy was a person with kindness. Infectious smile, kindness, happiness, warmth, love, and light with radiant energy, and a person as well who was good in all things and would do everything for her loved ones. They also added that she was everything that the world needed and also that she was fiercely loved by many people who ken her as well.

How Did Daisy Galicia Marquez Die?

It was been reported that she was involved in a car accident after which she passed away on the spot and was spotted dead in the incident place itself. The demise for sure was unnatural and was also untimely as well. Daisy was only 29 when she passed away. It was a tragic accident that took her life away and she was on her way to her house. Daisy was about to celebrate her birthday on the day of the incident.

On the 4th of November 2022, Friday, Daisy was going back to her house when he was involved in a car accident. It was her 29th Birthday of Daisy when she was tragically involved in an accident. This demise news was heartbreaking for her family and also for her friends as well who were there to wish her and also to celebrate as well. Reports have shown that Daisy sustained various severe injuries due to which she passed away on spot.

Daisy was survived by her family who consisted of her parents, Vicky and Chuck, her siblings Annika and Misty, her sister Addi, and her babies who are Chappie and also Yoli. All of the family consisted of her cousin, her uncles and aunts, and also her cousins as well. She also was very close to her loved friends and also her colleagues as well. An obituary posted online by her family claims that with a heavy heart they are writing the post. They mentioned that Daisy was the most beautiful soul who will be missed dearly and who was full of true light and loved by so many people.

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