RIP: Who Was Yoshi & Cause Of Death? Japanese Singer & Actor Dead At 19, Funeral & Obituary!

Yoshi an artist from Japan who was also a singer as well has passed away recently and the internet is shocked by the sudden demise of the young star. Yoshi was just a teen when he passed away and his demise was shocking for his fans. AS per many of the reports his entertainment company released a statement On Sunday claiming that Yoshi passed away. As many reports claim Yoshi was involved in a deadly and fatal accident and he passed away due to it. The police are currently investigating the case and they will soon find the reason for the crash as well. Let us learn more in detail about Yoshi and also know about the accident as well.


Yoshi was just 19 years old when he passed away and he was also an actor as well. Yoshi’s demise news was published online by people who were there at the time of the incident but it was uncertain and confusing as well. Later when the police got involved and the case was investigated it came out Yoshi was involved in an accident and his entertainment confirmed the demise news by releasing a statement. His entertainment company Fifi was shocked as well to hear about the young star’s sudden demise. Yoshi passed away on the 5th of November 2022, in the earlier hours of that day and he suffered a dead and fatal accident.

What Happened with Singer Yoshi?

Reports suggest that Yoshi was suffering from various fatal injuries and they were severe as well. As soon as the police arrived they saw that Yoshi already passed away due to his injuries. The accident occurred on the 5th of November 2022 and Yoshi’s demise news was released on the 6th of November 2022 by Fifi company. The family members of Yoshi have released a statement and have revealed that the funeral will be held with their close ones but the memorial will be held later onwards and the date will be announced by them soon. Many people posted about his demise online and posted obituaries and condolences as well.

Singer Yoshi: Wikipedia & bio


Fifi company owner Fifi quoted that she was shocked to hear about the demise of Yoshi and she also added that Yoshi was a person who was overwhelmed by his power and evaluated as having a rock soul as well. She added that it was too sad that he passed away so early. Yoshi was a singer from Fifi entertainment and he was performing at Yoshiki X Japan where Yoshi performed and was leaving for his house when he met with an accident. Reports claimed that he was hit by a truck. This accident occurred at the Prefectural intersection road in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City. Yoshi was later transferred to the hospital as well but his injuries were fatal.

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Reports have claimed that Yoshi was suffering from a fatal injury and when he reached the hospital, he passed away around 2:17 am. An elderly man who was driving a truck was arrested on the same day of the incident. It was revealed that charges of violation of safety, injuring a persona, and death as well were imposed on him. Yoshi was just 19 born on the 26th of Feb 2003 in Hiroshima prefecture. When Yoshi was 13 he began his career as a model and later eventually became a singer in 2019 and also an actor with a movie 2019 called Taro na Baka.

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