RIP: Who Was Lois Curtis & Cause Of Death? Rights Activist For Disabled People Dead At 55, Funeral & Obituary!

Lois Curtis, an infamous rights pioneer and also a rights activist who was known for her rights and fight for the elderly people and disabled people as well has now passed away. It was revealed on Saturday earlier that Lois passed away this month in the earlier days and she was 55 years old at the time of her demise. Lois was deeply appreciated for her work and she was also loved by many people. Lois was also suffering from a condition that helped her understand people with disabilities and people with mental conditions. Her demise news was shared by many people. Let us learn more in detail about Lois and also know the reason behind her demise.

Lois Curtis Death Reason

Lois played an impeccable role in providing people with disabilities and also people who are older in getting civil rights and also being an important part of this society. She ruled out a case in which she won and fought for elderly people and disabled people’s rights and she even established a rule that older people and disabled people deserve a place in this society and have a place in their own house. Lois was loved by many people and many people were fascinated by her charm and the way she spoke. People who knew her were fascinated to see her bright smile and also by her speech as well which was fascinating in its own way.

Who Was Lois Curtis?

Lois was fighting for a case that provided rights to people with disabilities and older people as well. She was diagnosed with a mental illness and she met attorney Sue Jamieson that time during 1999, eventually, they fought the case. The case was on their side and they had rights in society, also Lois was able to love her life freely. For three decades she fought the case and after hardship for three decades, she won the case in 1999. In this case, Judge Ruth Bader and the jury as well decided to provide people with disabilities to give the right to live a free life and also a life that was less restrictive setting as well.

Lois Curtis: Wikipedia & Bio

Apart from being a rights activist, Lois was also a person who was interested in art and craft and she often was spotted having fun with her paint brush and paints. Lois also used to do work for her friends and drew people as well. She also used to draw using pencil and charcoal as well. Lois often sued to draw people as well alongside flowers, animals, and pets. A decade earlier. Lois met former president Barack Obama and she was extremely happy when she did so. She gifted President Obama a painting of a girl in an orange dress and was also seen clicking pictures along with him. She attended different events for spreading her word.

Lois Curtis, who won a landmark civil rights case for people with  disabilities, died | Iowa Public Radio

As per the reports, Lois passed away this Friday the 4th of November 2022, and she was 55 years old at the time of her demise. It is unclear about her family members at the moment but it was mentioned that she was along with her family and her friends when she passed away. She was surrounded by her loved ones when she passed away. Lois suffered pancreatic cancer and that was the reason behind her demise as well. Often Pancreatic cancer goes undetected and when diagnosed Lois was undergoing treatments for it but she passed away at the age of 55.

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