RIP: Who Was Andre Sales & Cause Of Death? Charles County Man Killed, Age, Funeral & More!

Hello, readers welcome back to our article. This article is going to be very interesting for you all as we are here to give you brief information about the very shocking news that is straightly coming up to us however we are here to give you everything so you are at the right place because authorities have been identifying the five people who were founded and this took place inside a LA Plata home. So stay tuned with us till the last of this article to know more and to know the exact matter.

Andre Sales Death Reason

So according to the sources a person who was 28 years old has been suspected as he is the one who have been killing his ex-girlfriend and there were two more people who are said to be her relatives and another person who was inside the home located at Maryland before he got into this shooting he also fatally shot himself. This was very shocking news that is grabbing a lot of attention these days.

What Happened With Andre’s Sales?

According to reports, there were 5 people who have been deceased and all were individuals and they were found inside this particular residence this whole situation took place on Friday afternoon when the person who was not identified yet by anyone reached the place after his work now the whole investigation is going on and according to the police they have found five that people after investigating the reports of the shooting.

Andre Sales: Wikipedia & Bio

When the investigation was being completed they found that a person whose name was Andre Sales, who age 28 years old unknowingly entered the place which is said to be the residence of his ex-girlfriend who was 21 years old and she was residing there along with her brother, Kai Mann 18 years old mother Sommaly Mann, 48 years and another man who was residing Javon Watson, 23 years old.

Sales were one of those who used to live at a different residence but eventually he was the one who shot himself with a weapon which is said to be your gun later on after shifting to the hospital he was recovered and now he is in a stable condition however talking about them for the information regarding this whole matter so investigators and along with the personal forensic people have been investigating the whole matter.

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