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A Twitch channel, named ‘aielieen1’, was quickly permanently banned from the platform, after the creator shared footage of a woman engaged in an act.

A common issue on Twitch, as any new channel can immediately begin streaming, the account was brand new on November 3, and obviously created for the sole purpose of broadcasting the explicit material before copping a ban.

Like most of these Twitch streams, this channel, aielieen1 only managed to accrue a few hundred viewers before being banned. However, due to a Trending twitter post falsely claiming the stream had 5,000 viewers, the video spread fast.

The Twitter post claimed “this girl in front of 5k+ viewers rn” – despite the stream actually peaking at only 310 viewers. Various Twitter posts also repeated the claim that the channel reached 5,000 viewers.

Aielieen1 Twitch Nudity Ban | Know Your Meme

It’s likely that the whole situation was set up in order to promote aielieen1’s other social media pages, such as Instagram and Twitter, as the poster shared their usernames also.

It would not be the first time that a creator has used the Twitch platform in this way. By setting up a new account, fully expecting the ban, if the video can go trending, it can push people towards their other accounts on other platforms.

How long is aielieen1 banned from Twitch?


Although Twitch has not confirmed the length of the ban, it almost certainly permanent. Brand new accounts that immediately violate the community guidelines are typically banned permanently, to prevent further misuse of the platform.


The channel now simply states that unless you have a time machine, that content no longer exists. Channels that are instead temporarily banned, now state that the channel is ‘temporarily unavailable.’This incident also comes only a few weeks after a streamer broadcasted themselves having on stream, for which they were banned for seven days.

A punishment that many deemed too light.Part of Twitch’s appeal is that anyone can setup an account and begin streaming right away – but, such freedom can also result in situations like this.

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