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Nowadays people are the usage of special and quite strange methods to get a reputation in a quick period on social media.The same thing happen today a popular twitter video caught the attention of all online users.

Online users are curious to realize what’s in the video this is luring views. people are also known who is the person at the back of the Trending video.



It would not be the first time that an ad*lt creator has used the Twitch platform in this way. By setting up a new account, fully expecting the ban, if the clip can go trending it can push people towards their other accounts on other platforms.

A Twitch channel, named ‘aielieen1’, was quickly permanently banned from the platform, after the creator shared footage of a woman engaged in an unwanted act.

aielieen1 only managed to accrue a few hundred viewers before being banned.


Due to a trending Re*dit post falsely claiming the stream had 5,000 viewers, the clip spread fast.


Aielieen1 leaked video on reddit and twitter, Twitch streamer aielieen1  banned

The Re*dit post claimed “this girl mast*rbating in front of 5k+ viewers rn” despite the stream actually peaking at only 310 viewers.


Various Twitter posts also repeated the claim that the channel reached 5,000 viewers.

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