Who Is Dijoni Full Fight Video On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube Link!

Recently a video went viral on Twitter and accumulated thousands or maybe more views. This time the video does not have any kind of NSFW content but the cruelty of the so-called “man” has witness increase rage among the netizens. It is getting quite tough to watch the video as a man is brutally assaulting a lady. This video has rose rage and now netizens are asking for justice for her. There are many people who have not watched the video yet but hear something about it which increase their curiosity know about it. Scroll down to have more details as well as the link of the video.


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It is quite sad or anxious to watch this video in which the man is assaulting a black woman. People are calling this video, and anti-blackness in Europe and it is trending on social media and Google as well. According to the exclusive report, this video has been posted by a Twitter user named Don Salmon who created his account under the username @Dijoni. In his posted video a black woman is seen defending herself in the country of Europe.

Dijoni Full Fight Video

This video has been uploaded a few days back but now it is getting viral and people are using a keyword in order to locate the video and that is “Dijoni Twitter Fight Video”. The name is suggesting the video is about fighting but it came to know that the woman depicted in the video is trying to defend herself from assault. The uploader also wrote a caption which reads that “Anti-blackness in Europe. She had left no other choice but to defend herself from white supremacist abuse.”

What Exactly Is The Dijoni Twitter Fight Video Showing?

As we already mentioned above, this altercation or we can say assaulted video views a white man attacking a black woman by blowing numerous punches at her with his entire force, but the lady fights back in order to defend herself from him, and she is quite strong enough to gets the man down by constantly punching him back several times and she did it. There are many videos have been uploaded online showing the altercation and some state that the video is possibly recorded in France.


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Now after watching the video, netizens are condemning the behaviour of the white man and praising the black woman the way she defends herself is quite good. People are sharing the video and retweeting it along with commenting on it. Some of the tweets read “Was this just possibly an altercation between 2 individuals or was it actually a hate crime?” Another tweet reads, “The way she defends herself is quite impressive and the man should ashamed himself. But it seems like this time he got a good lesson.”

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