VIDEO: Rapper TAKEOFF Death Shooting Video, What Happened To Him? Death News Reason Explained!

Takeoff who is the rapper in the trio group called Migos passed away recently and the demise news was shocking for many people. The rapper was just 28 years old when he passed away. The news came up when the police arrived at the crime scene at Houston Bowling alley on Tuesday morning and they found a dead body and two others were shot. The dead person who was lying down was identified as Takeoff the rapper from Migos and he was shot to death in his neck and back. The other two victims were later transferred to the hospital where they are being treated. Let us learn more in detail about this shooting and also know how the shooting occurred.


Takeoff was at the birthday party of Prince J who is also a musician/ singer who was also there at the time of the shooting. Around 2:45 am on Tuesday, this shooting occurred and Takeoff was shot in his neck and back. There were about 40-50 people around the area when the shooting occurred as a result of which people started running for life. The other two people who were in their 20s namely one is 23 and the other 24 years old were transferred to the hospital with shots which were nonfatal. Police have revealed that there was an internal dispute which resulted in fighting and later shooting as well leading to the takeoff’s death.

What Happened With Rapper Takeoff?

As per the reports, when the shooting occurred, takeoff’s uncle named Quavo who is also a member of the group was also there at the crime scene. After the shooting occurred he dragged the rapper down and yelled for help asking bystanders to call for help. Quavo who was also there at the time of the shooting hopefully did not sustain any injuries. When the shooting occurred, police said that there were witnesses but they ran away because of the fear for their life. Thus there is no proper evidence and witnesses now at the site the police, although are looking for evidence and are currently investigating the case.

Rapper Takeoff Death Reason Explained

Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset were three rappers of a group called Migos, and the three debuted back in the early 2010s. Their album went a hit and various albums even charted on the US charts as well. Earlier this year the group split and the young rapper Takeoff said that he and his uncle Quavo will perform as a duo group noting the initiation of their new journey. The two released an alum earlier in October which went hit and charted the US charts at number seven while they also released another album this Monday which was takeoff’s last album before his death. Although at the moment there is no word from the offset and his team, they might release statements regarding the issue later.


Takeoff was at the birthday party of prince J and the two even shared pictures and videos showing that they are at the party. Prince J who also shared his birthday party details added that takeoff would be at the place, whoever, a video circulated online showed that he just walked past the dead body without even considering him once. Officers who had a conversation with takeoff’s mother said that it was clear that Takeoff was a good boy who never had any criminal record or any connections with bad people and his death was heartbreaking. Many celebrities including Gucci Mane, Keke Palmer, Rapper Ja rule, and Atlanta Falcons viewed their concerns online about the rapper’s death.

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