Xqc Kisses Nyyxxii On Livestream Video Went Viral, Are They Both Dating Each Other?

Hello, the reader is welcome back to our article so recently a video is coming up where we are going to inform you about a well-known personality and there is a rumor that is shooting on the social media platform regarding this twitch star we know that you are also curious to know about the name of this to which star so the name is xQc and Uk streamer NYXXXII so both are coming into highlights,


And controversies when they came and announced the official start of their relationship on November 1. So it was quite clear for everyone who was curious to know about them when n y y x x I I made an appearance on the and why streams and the day was November 1 and they clearly mention that day or more than friends however there was some sort of drama that was going on mean

Is Xqc & Nyyxxii Dating Each Other?

Why that took place on October 31 where we can see that x q c house was adapting some of the drama with the formal long-term partner so that they can solve the complete matter. NYYXXII there were some of the audience that wanted to know about this particular thing so we are here to give you a brief knowledge about him that he is a well-known English to it streamer and he is having 3000 followers he is into podcasts

xQc is flirting on stream with NYYXXII - YouTube


And he also came up with different dating shows where he interacted with excuse where she recently appeared on the Felix broadcast and the audience watching them was really happy to see both of them. The excuse came into existence when there was a recent topic where both of them discussed some of the interesting questions which are said to be a chit-chat session both of them were looking extremely happy and it was completely filled with a lot of drama.

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