Why Will Netflix’s Lookism Release Date Be Delayed? When It Will Release Now? Reason Explained!

This a piece of sad news for the fans of anime lovers and Netflix lovers. The new series which was ready to release any time has now gotten delayed for some reason. The fans are quite upset as they are desperately waiting to watch it. Now the fans want to know which drama is delaying and why. Those who are actively watching Netflix know that a new South Korean anime was scheduled to get released but now the date has been postponed. The title of the new anime series is “Lookism” and now people want to know the new release date of the series.


Netizens have the highest expectations from this series and the reason is that they feel that it would be far better than any series we know that anime never made us upset and we are expecting this time as well they will not disappoint us. Sadly, but understandably, the OTT platform has opted to postpone the planned launch of Lookism throughout the globe. Now, you must want to know when it will be released and those who don’t have much idea about it looking to have some details.

Netflix’s Lookism Storyline Plot

As we already mentioned above, it is a forthcoming South Korean anime adaptation of the famous manga series written by Park Tae-Joon of a similar name. We all know that it is not a new thing for manga to get an anime adaptation. The tale of the series aimed or revolves around the title or the theme of the series “Lookism” which means the people who judged on the basis of their beauty and attractiveness. They face this discrimination from their peers. The protagonist of this series is Daniel and the story of this series revolves around him.

Netflix Postpones Release of Lookism Anime - Anime Corner

Netflix’s Lookism Character

The main character of this series is self-conscious about his looks and appearance after get constantly getting bullied by her peers and classmates for his overweight and ugly looks of him. We all know that how much we progressed or achieved people still judge us on the basis of our looks and personality. Now talking about its release. The OTT platform has confirmed that the original release date of the series is now changed. This series was initially planned to launch throughout the globe through Netflix on Friday, 4th November 2022.


But now the audience needs to wait much more and this decision has been taken by keeping the horrifying incident that happened in Itaewon. We all know that the terrible Halloween crush tragedy occurred in South Korea and around 151 people lost their lives and 82 were wounded. Most of the people who lost their lives were teens and young adults. After this incident, South Korea is in a period of national grieving for the salvation of the deceased.

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