Who Is Spice? Is Dancehall Artist In Coma? What Happened To Her? Reason & Health Condition Update!

Welcome back everyone most of the online citizens is wondering what happened to Spice. She is a dancehall artist that recently went into a coma. The 40-year-old musician was in a major health crisis and she had to leave the stage because of her health condition and everybody is very worried about her condition. According to many sources and they were saying that she suffered a heart attack but it was totally fake information and she went into a medically induced coma.


and she had been suffering from any complication because of cosmetic medical procedures these rumours was ignored at first but when many citizens started climbing on the internet it was later verified and we would like to express our support to the musician and we hope for her quick recovery. Spice was born on 6th August 1982 and she was born in Jamaica she started her career in 2001 and she is a businesswoman and record producer at the same time she has 2 children.

What Happened To Dancehall Artist Spice?

and she has never suffered from any kind of disease and it is for the very first time that she is facing such difficulties. Her life has been full of achievements like she was given the award of best female disc Jockey for continuous 5 years in the international world music awards and she also was able to Grab the female disc Jockey of the year and international artist of the year in the EME Awards. She made her film debut in 2014 in the movie destiny and she started dating American cinematographer Justin.

Dancehall Artist Spice: Wikipedia & Bio

They met in Atlanta but recently they ended their relationship in 2022 it is a very sad moment for both of them and she has been a major philanthropist as well she founded the Hamilton women empowerment foundation and she supplies to more than 500 children per day. She launched her clothing line and various beauty products in 2019 and she has been making millions of dollars because of that not only she is a good businesswoman. She is a very well-respected public figure and her popularity will certainly increase because of her interesting post on social media networks.


Spice Not In A Coma And Hasn't Suffered A Heart Attack, Says Source -  DancehallMag

and she also donates a major share of the area when to Charity and that’s why she is loved by everyone because of the generosity and kindness she shows. Nothing has been confirmed regarding her health update as of now and we are waiting for her family members to update something but she was definitely not in a heart attack state and everybody is praying for her. We will be back with some more updates until then keep reading articles on our website.

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