RIP: What Was Jack Diamond Cause Of Death? Canadian Architect Dead At 89, Funeral & Obituary News!

Jack Diamond who is an architect from Canada passed away at the age of 89. He was just days away from his 90th birthday. His demise news was released online and many people were heartbroken by the news. Many people were fascinated by his works and his works were also included in the four seasons centre of performing arts in Toronto. As per the reports he passed away a week ago and his demise news was released this week, and it was mentioned that he was just about to hit the age of 90. Jack worked with many great architects and he was one of them as well. Let us learn more about Jack Diamond and also learn the cause behind his death.

Jack was born back in 1932 and he was a week away from his 90th birthday when he passed away on the 30th of October 2022. Jack studied at the University of Cape Town and also from Oxford University as well which is in the UK. He had his masters from the University of Pennsylvania and he also was a teacher as well in the same university for years. As said, he worked with many great architects, one of them was Louis Kahn and he worked under the American architect. Jack was born in South Africa and he migrated from place to place, like the UK for his studies. After completing his studies, he migrated to Canada in 1964.

Who Was Jack Diamond?

After getting to Canada he initiated the master’s of architecture which is a program initiated by the University of Toronto and he was the first director of the program. He also formed the Diamond and Meyers with Barton Meyers in the year 1968 and worked on it for years and then eventually the two of them split and work their own ways. He formed his own architecture called AJ diamond architects. Later in 1975, he became partners with Donald Schmitt and become the founder of Diamond Schmitt Architects where he was the principal of the practice. This was established in 1975 and is currently running as well, and Jack was the principal until his demise.

A drink with architect Jack Diamond | The Star

Jack Diamond: Wikipedia & Bio

Jack and his company led to the initiation of various projects which were successful and were highly appreciated. Some of them included Memorial Hall at Marlborough College, Holly Blossom temple in Toronto, and Four Season centre for performing arts in Toronto. The foreign ministry of Israel is in Jerusalem. Jack also received various awards and honours for their works he received the gold medal from the royal architectural institute of Canada and he was also a member of the Order of Ontario and an Order of Canada officer as well. He was also an advocate for high-density urban environments and was also a commissioner of the premiere of Ontario land use and taxes as well.

Until now there is no cause of death mentioned by any source but age is one of the factors that is being predicted. Many people who were his colleagues and knew him sent condolences to Jack’s family and also viewed their concerns. Co-founder of Diamond Schmitt and partner of Jack, Don Smith released a statement in which he said that jack’s contribution to the urban reforms was profound and that Jack demonstrated that economic and social benefited the society. Apart from being a great architect, jack was also the commissioner for the Ontario Human right commission as well as a painter who published a book of sketches.

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