What Happened With Keshia Golden? Why Did She Kill Her Boyfriend, Calvin? Reason Explained!

Chicago, a horrific crime case which is coming from Chicago shows that a woman who was said to be in her early 30s stabbed her boyfriend to death and was later arrested by the police have stated that the person who was stabbed to death and the accused had a toxic relationship with each other and the woman was pregnant with the victim’s child which is tragic to hear to. The case was shocking for many people as the two parents of the unborn child fought but loved each other and none of them wanted the other to die or have such an unpleasant ending. Let us learn more in detail about this case and also learn why the crime was committed.



Why Did Keshia Golden Kill Her Boyfriend, Calvin?

As per the mother of Calvin, Golden and Calvin have a toxic relationship and they were involved in a fight every other day. On the day of the incident as well they were involved in a fight. Officers who were there at the time of the investigation stated that there were obvious cases regarding the two of them which they imposed on each other and they complained about each other as well which stated that the two had a pretty toxic relationship. Earlier before the baby shower and when Golden was in the early stages of her pregnancy, Golden was slapped and punched in her face by Calvin and she even punched him back as well.

On the day of the incident when Calvin and Golden went to their house along with their relatives, they had a fight overheating the food in the oven when Calvin pushed Golden away making her fall. In anger Golden just stabbed a knife in Calvin’s leg and went away. It was later revealed that due to blood loss and nerves getting damaged Calvin passed away. His uncle who was there at the time of the incident stated that Golden did not mean to kill Calvin and Golden’s mother as well stated that Golden was heartbroken when she heard about Calvin’s death and never intended to kill him.

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