Who Is Mick Mars? Is He Dead Or Still Alive? Death News Rumours Reason Explained!

Mick Mars who is a band member of the group Motley Crue has announced this week that he is not going to be a part of the tours that the band would make. The group earlier were about to say farewell and were planning their last tour but they went for a tour this year. After the bandmate announced his disease was the reason behind him not being involved in the tour many people started sharing wishes and were wishing him luck in his recovery. The band members as well released a statement in which they announced the decision to retire. Let us learn more about this decision and also about Mick’s disease.


Mick Mars 'Refuses' Terrible Motley Crue Reunion Offer -  AlternativeNation.net

Mick who is 71 years old now, announced that he is going to retire and will no longer be performing for the band while the team is still on tour. The bandmates/ the band announced through a statement that they won’t be involving the team. The statement which was released by the team revealed that Mick will no longer be performing with the band as he is suffering from AS and will no longer handle the road. The team also announced that although he will no longer remain with them on the tours, he still will be a part of their band and will also work with them. They revealed that Mick was suffering from a degenerative disease that affected his spine.

Is Mick Mars Dead Or Still Alive?

Motley Crue is a heavy metal band and Mick was a guitarist in the band the band has four main embers including Mick in them. Mick is a 71 years old guy who is the band since he was 41 years old. The band has been in the media and in the music field for a very long time. Mick’s representative wrote to the media saying that as Mick was going through a pain which is intolerable, he won’t be performing anymore with the band. The disease with which Mick is suffering was described as Ankylosing Spondylitis. Earlier as well mick revealed this disease and he also explained that due to this he was unable to stand properly.

Mick Mars Death News Rumours Reason

Although the announcement about Mick’s performance was revealed in the news, it was not mentioned who will replace him, but it is been rumoured that a well-known guitarist named John 5 who is also known for his work with Marilyn Manson will be replacing Mick in the tours. The band is currently planning to tour and been mentioned that they will tour Europe and Latin America in the year 2023 between February and July of that year. The fans are pretty excited but Mick will be missed dearly. While the band that earlier decided that they will no longer be working, announced the year 2019 final tour but they now decided to continue, and after the announcement of the tour, they are back now.


Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars to retire due to 'crippling degenerative  disease' | The Independent

Back in 2014, Mick announced that he is going through pain in his back. He described his pain in the spine and the back in an interview earlier that once he suffered pain in his back and was unable to stand for hours. He also described that once he suffered pain in his back and would stand with the support of the wall and door knobs as well. He revealed that the first time he suffered that pin, he felt it on the back of his neck and then to the back of his shoulders, and then he felt as if his stomach would burn, later he felt as if his bones burned.

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