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Cristiana Love is an influencer who went through an interview recently she spoke about her journey online and how she went from complete unemployment and less income to becoming one of the persons who earn hundreds and thousands in a month. Christiana is an influencer, a model, and an only f star who earns through her videos, posts, and paid subscriptions along with some paid sponsorships as well. She went through an interview recently and spoke about her journey and how she transitioned to an only f-star. So., let us learn more about her and her journey as well of how a teacher turned into an only f star and a model as well.


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Cristina who was earlier a teacher for over years said in her interview that she was a teacher and was living a life with difficulties. She added that both her husband and she were teachers and she was in the profession for over seven years, although her husband moved on from that profession and established his career in business but she was stuck in her loop and was continuous with her job but it was not getting enough and insufficient for them. Christina added that she won’t recommend the adult community and other stuff but she gets paid on a higher level and it satisfies her needs and provides her with a great amount of money.

Who Is Cristiana Love?

Back in 2017, Cristina was a teacher and she initiated her journey the same year after quitting her 9-5 job and settling to become a model. Cristina added that she initiated her journey through snap chat and Instagram as well. As the platform, Instagram is an open platform and anyone can have access to it, also it has some restrictions, which had an impact on her content. And as she had some adult content on her page, she wanted to expand her journey on the platform, but the platform banned her content and even her age vanished in no time. Cristina said that as she already went through two legal notices from the platform, and she got her page which has over 450,000 followers banned, she did not want to continue her journey on Instagram.

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As of now, Christina has millions of followers on her Only F page and she earns a massive amount through her page. She earns probably about 50,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars per month. She describes herself as the young and modern American dream. Christina added that although she had her pages, the continuous ban on Instagram made her conscious and she wanted a platform where she can fully express herself, as she was unable to open up on Instagram and unable to share her pictures and videos. She added that Only F helped her do so. She said that although she did not want to be free earlier, she opened up later clearly.


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Christina who was a teacher earlier said that the job helped her get what she wanted but she won’t recommend it to anyone and would love it hear from her subscribers. Christina added that she earned about 1500 dollars the first month when she started her journey on Only F and later eventually started earning more as her followers grew and gained more money as well. She says that she wanted to be more clear on her subscriptions, her subscriptions were less earlier when she was new to the platform but later increased to over 20 dollars per month. Christina said that she expresses herself through her videos.

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