What Was D.H. Peligro Cause Of Death? Last Intense Video Before Death, Age, Funeral & Obituary!

Since morning, it is the 2nd news which is related to the demise of the musical artist. Within a year we have lost many musical gems whose place can never be filled. In the latest addition to this, the name of Kennedys drummer also includes and his fans are in deep sorrow after hearing his sudden departure news. Now devastated fans want to know the nature of his death and meanwhile social media is flooded with condolences and sad messages. The reports are stating that the drummer D.H. Peligro passed away on Friday, 28th October 2022.


D.H. Peligro Death Reason

According to the reports, the late drummer took his last breath in his home which is located in Los Angeles. His passing news is officially confirmed by the veteran San Francisco punk band which also shares the reason for his sudden departure. According to the release statement, the drummer was 63 years old when he took his last breath and the reason was identified as “from trauma to the head happened by an accidental fall”. After learning his sad news, the entire social media is flooded with condolences, sympathies and tears.

Who Was D.H. Peligro?

His fans are in shock and still not believing that their favourite drummer has left them in big sorrow. Most of them think this news is fake but sadly it is true and the drummer has left the world. He was born Darren Henley and replaced the original drummer of Dead Kennedys Bruce “Ted” Slesinger in the year 1981 he gave many hit albums such as “Plastic Surgery Disasters”, “Bedtime for Democracy”, and “Frankenchrist”. In the year 1988, he also became the part of Red Hot Chili Peppers. But later on, he was expelled from the band of Los Angeles after just 2 months due to the heavy substance.

D.H. Peligro: Wikipedia & Bio

He gave many hit albums to music lovers and that is why they are currently mourning his demise. His contribution to the music industry will be highly missed by the audience and they are in pain that they would not be able to watch him again. On Saturday, 29th October 2022, Flea released a statement in remembrance of the late drummer in which he states that “My brother and dear pal, I really miss you so much. I am currently devastated after hearing your sad news.

“It is still tough for me to believe that you are not with us. I still remember the 1st day when I watched you play with the DKs in 81 and I was extremely impressed. But now, your death news has shattered me completely.” A video is getting viral on social media which is stated to capture the last moment of his death scene and some are stating that this video is the last one prior to his death. The details of the last rites are not known but it seems like his family already performed the last rituals.

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