VIDEO: ITAEWON HALLOWEEN INCIDENT CRUSH VIDEO, At least 151 Dead & 82 Injured In South Korean Halloween Crush!

Hello, readers welcome back to our article we are here to give you a very sad demise we are also feeling very bad while explaining and informing you about this particular death news so you are at the right place because we will make sure to give you every relevant information as well as updates regarding this particular matter so recently this news is coming up where we can see a crowd is being crushed kills at least 148 peoples at Seoul Halloween fest. And this news is grabbing a lot of attention these days.


As we have all aware the Halloween festival activities in South Korea it is going to be the first big Halloween celebration where several people were gathered together. They were very happy as we have already told you and mentioned that it was the first big Halloween there and because of this everyone was quite curious to visit the place this tragedy took place on Saturday night were at least 151 people including teenagers and adults took their last breath.

At least 151 Dead & 82 Injured In the South Korean Halloween Crush

When this news came up the whole social media was filled with a number of questions however talking about before their information so the authority is still investigating the whole matter and it is in process, however, the reason is not declared yet by the authorities but according to the fire department, Officer’s they mentioned it was presumed stampede. However people fell, and there were more than 82 people who got really bad injuries.

What Happened In South Korean Halloween festivities?

However talking about the dead which has been included and there were at least 19 foreign nationals including people from Iran, Norway, China and many more however now it is a very crucial discussion which is going to take place with the president and there is an emergency meeting on the hours of Sunday however the whole country is in the pain and they are still not able to believe the and they have come there to celebrate but unfortunately, they are going through a lot.

It was a very unexpected tragedy for everyone and no one has ever thought of its to be going to take place on the last night of Halloween we have been sharing our sympathy and condolence to the sufferers and the people who took their last breath as it was an unexpected accident and we are also wishing the family to get fine and we are hoping for the injured people so that they can recover soon we will make sure to keep you updated with father knowledge and information.

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