Singer of ‘Dos Garza’ Mauricio Garza Found Dead In Monterrey, Last Intense Moments Revealed!

Good evening everyone we have really unfortunate news off because recently it was revealed officially that Mauricio Garza of the duo ‘Dos Garza’ was founded in a suspicious place he was 23 years old man his dead body was recovered on Sunday, October 23 and this information of him out several days after his death and it is very shocking that of someone of his stature and popularity did not receive much attention on his death news. His dead body was recovered from Las Cameras.

and we would like to express our deepest apologies and sympathies to the family may his soul rest in peace. When the interview was taken off the chief commissioner of police commented that the events were around 5 in the evening and relatives were immediately informed of this horrible situation and medical assistance was called but the emergency team took really long to respond and he was unconscious in the pool and we could not do anything.

Mauricio Garza’s Last Intense Moments Revealed

and later his body was sent for forensic examination to protect the remains. Civil protection and paramedics from the Red Cross also arrived at the location he had already lost vital organs and there was nothing they could do he is a famous musician and he has reduced many popular songs like La Bikina his performance was scheduled on November 12 and unfortunately, he will not be able to do anything now and police are looking for such Fact and it was not because of some kind of car collision or accident.

What Happened With Singer Mauricio Garza?

and they are searching for possible wounds and how he died. He is an expert in many categories of Music and he had an exceptional amount of temperament he was very passionate about the stream he wasn’t too and he was able to play a variety of instruments and give rise to amazing vocals and lyrics for the younger generation and he had thousands of followers on and there is nothing available about his private life and no records available on the history and his date of birth.

We are looking for a possible reliable Biography and information pages and we hope that everything will be revealed in the future and the criminal will be caught in no time because online citizens have a wide spectrum of theories on the Internet and they are trying to speculate but could have happened and they can only predict as of now because a nothing more is in front of the media.We will be back with some more information and till then stay tuned to our website.

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