RIP: RYAN KARAZIJA Dead, Cause Of Death? Low Roar Front Man Passed Away At 40, Family, Funeral & Obituary!

It is a quite sad day for the fans of Ryan Karazia. The fans never thought that they will start their morning with the death news of their favorite singer. Since the start of this month, we are constantly hearing the death news of famous singers or people who had a relationship with the music industry. Sadly the year is coming to an end but there is no downfall in the death news. We already lost many musical gems and now the death news of this lead singer brought a shock wave.

His devastated fans are still not believing the fact that he is no more between us and how he passed away. Most of the fans are thinking this news is fake but sadly this time, it is true. The lead singer has actually died and at the time of passing, he was 40 years old. He was the frontman of Low Roar who was famous for his musical contributions to Death Standing. His passing news is also confirmed by the official social media accounts of the band.

Ryan Karazija Death News

The band shares the death news of its lead singer and they are in a big shock and trauma that they lost their lead singer. The community of Death Stranding is paying tribute to him and offering condolences to him. The creator Hideo Kojima also offered his condolences to the late singer. This news is a trauma for many of his fans who are sobbing after hearing his sad death news. Death Stranding won many awards and it was praised for its brilliant and enthralling story, unique gameplay, and atmospheric world.

Who Was Ryan Karazija?

The social media post of Per Low Roar paid tribute to the late vocalist and called him the driving force. The post reads that “Ryan Karazija, the frontman or the driving force behind Low Roar has sadly passed away at the age of 40. His thrilling, melodious lyrics and music, sung in his thrilling vocals have touched the hearts of millions of people around the globe. By nature, he was a soft and kind person who had a beautiful soul our entire world busted into many small pieces and we are still not believing the fact that he is no more.

Ryan Karazija front man of Low Roar has passed away : r/DeathStranding

May God give rest to his soul and strength to his family to bear this pain.” The reason for his demise is not known at this moment but we are hoping to find it soon any time and will surely update this section accordingly. The details of the last rites are also not available but we are doing all possible things to get the information. Just be connected with us and we will be right back soon.

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