LIVE: SOUTH KOREAN SEOUL HALLOWEEN Crowd Crush Incident Explained, Dozens Of People Were Killed, CCTV Footage!

This year particularly many incidents have happened at that time when hundreds or thousands of people were together at the same time. We all know that most people gathered during the festival and over the past few months most accidents are happening during these festivities. This time as well hundreds of people gathered at Seoul Halloween festivities and unfortunately around 151 people lost their lives. The horrifying scenes recorded in the videos and the photos are circulating on the web and the world is mourning their demise of them and looking to know how this horrifying incident happened.


As per the latest report, the 1st big Halloween commemoration in South Korea since the end of the restrictions of Covid but unfortunately, the event turned into a big tragedy. People were super excited to celebrate the event after 3 years but they did not ever imagine that this festive would become the day of the demise of many people. This incident happened on the night of Saturday, 29th October 2022 when around 151 individuals lost their lives and most of them were teenagers and young adults. They all passed away as partygoers rushed through a narrow alley in the famous nightlife district located in Seoul.

What Happened At the South Korean Halloween Event?

As soon as the incident was reported the police officials reached there and started the investigation. Now netizens want to know what exactly happened and how many people were wounded in this incident. The police investigators are still probing what was the reason for the lethal incident, but the chief of the Yongsan-gu Fire Department, Choi Seong-bum stated it was a “panic stampede” that many individuals fell at least 151 people died and around 82 get injuries and currently admitted to the hospital.

Who Are The Victims Of The South Korean Halloween Crowd Crush?

The police shared some of the details of the deceased people which include around 19 foreign nationals, including individuals from Uzbekistan, Iran, China, and Norway. Panic has spread in the entire area due to this accident and the parents, country and the whole world are mourning the death of these young people. Their parents never imagined that the event would be brought sorrow into their lives and within a day their lives will gets upside down.


Halloween crowd surge in Seoul leaves more than 153 dead and dozens injured  - ABC News

Yoon Suk Yeol, the President of South Korea summon an emergency meeting in the morning hours of Sunday, 30th October 2022, and they decided to visit the place where the incident happened in order to find out what exactly had happened. This incident turned the festive vibe into a mourning vibe and people are praying for the salvation of these young deceased people. The videos and photos of the entire terrific incidents are scaring people and show the tragedy. People are leaving their sympathies to the family who lost their family members. Our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the deceased.

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