Fr. Bryan Ketterer dead and obituary, Parish of Christ the King

Brian Ketterer, founding partner of Ketterer Browne & Anderson, is recognized as one of the country’s preeminent litigators, especially in complex civil and catastrophic injury cases for plaintiffs. Throughout his career, Mr. Ketteler has focused on drug and medical device litigation, representing plaintiffs who have suffered devastating injury or lost their lives as a result of overly dangerous drugs or devices.

At the local and national level, Mr. Ketterer’s practice is designed to assist clients in mass tort, medical negligence and personal injury cases through a full range of dispute resolution mechanisms. Mr. Ketterer has extensive mass tort litigation experience and is frequently appointed as chair or co-chair of national academic or expert committees for Multi-District Litigation (MDL). Most recently, Mr. Ketterer co-chaired the scientific and expert panel of the GranuFlo dialysis product litigation, which successfully resolved the defendants’ Daubert challenge.

Mr. Ketterer is recognized as an authority in the field of Daubert, understands the medical science behind it, and has world-class experts. Mr. Ketterer is a frequent speaker for other attorneys in these fields. Mr. Ketterer is recognized by the National Association of Trial Lawyers as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers. In addition, Mr. Ketteler was named one of the Top 25 Mass Tort Trial Lawyers and a Lifetime Achievement Award by Top 100 U.S. Attorneys.

Before starting his civil litigation practice, Mr. Ketteler served as the Assistant District Attorney for the City of Philadelphia. Mr. Ketterer has been an advocate for public justice since the beginning of his career, representing victims of harassment, wage discrimination and human trafficking in addition to his mass abuses. Mr. Ketterer is a social justice advocate in various fields and industries.

Mr. Ketterer has a strong reputation for mass tort litigation in this area, with particular expertise in complex pharmaceutical, medical device and product liability cases. Mr. Ketterer’s unique background and experience are innovative, accomplished and bold, making him one of the most fearless and passionate litigators in the country.

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