12 Years Old Boy Dead Body Found On River Bank, Killed By Dad In Frenzied With Knife, Mum Later Arrested!

We can’t even imagine a mother can harm her children as she is the one who always protected them. But anything can be possible in the 21st century, the recent example is currently trending on the web. The dead body of a 12-year-old boy was discovered by a father. He instantly informed the police and during the investigation, it was found that his mother was behind his killing.


This news pulled worldwide attention and people are shocked after learning that the mother is the killer. No doubt, this news has pulled the attention of the people and they want to know what exactly happened. As per the report, a young teen was reported missing prior to his father finding the dead body of his son in the city of Marseille. This incident happened in the southern part of France. According to the father, the dead body was discovered on the bank of the Huveaune river.

The family stated that the boy and his mother were going for a walk and the boy was last spotted with his mother on Friday, 28th October 2022 when he got missing. Her mother came back in a baffled state and informed the family that her son went missing and after that, she lodged a missing complaint about his son to the police. The police also takes the matter seriously and began to search him along with his family. The family and police were really concerned about the boy

Man, woman and teen, 13, arrested for murder after boy found dead in river  | Metro News

And want him to back home safely but they all were unaware that the boy would never come back. During the search, the uncle and the father of the boy found his jacket on the side of the river on the morning of Saturday, 29th October 2022. Sadly on the same day, they discover the body of his son which was covered with blood, and stab wounds were clearly found on his body. After that, the police strictly interrogated with mother and she spill the beans of the truth in front of them.


The mother of the offspring was detained by the police on the evening of Saturday, 29th October 2022 “in view of the discovering” made by probers in teh apartment of the family. Marseille Dominique Laurens, the public prosecutor stated that there were “several traces of blood on the way to the finding of the body.” The police have not disclosed the reason for the killing but we are hoping that they share some details which help us to get the motive of the killing. To know more be with us.

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