Who Is LAURA SCHUMACHER Wisconsin Volleyball Player Video Went Viral!

One after another many videos are getting viral online which is enough to get attention. People always show their interest in the life of others and that is why they instantly start to look for it whenever they found something like this. This time as well, a video of Laura Schumacher is trending on Twitter and people are showing their interest in it. People are now looking to know more about the girl and the video which is getting viral. This video also developed our interest and we decide to look into this matter, so if you want to know about it just read it carefully.


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Laura Schumacher is the player of Badgers player who has been in the news and individuals are keen to know more and more about her after watching several pictures of the player posted on the web. Laura is very much fond of playing volleyball and she decided to make her career in this sport with her dedication in order to pursue her career and spend most of her time playing this game and becoming a part of the YW volleyball team. Laura became part of the 2024 Badgers and also get several experiences and lessons at the time of her struggling years.

Laura Schumacher Wisconsin Volleyball Girl Video

She began her career in volleyball at the age of 13 and began to take training in it and play well for the team. Later on, she was promoted to a higher rank in her team. She wants to be an NBA player and she also likes to play basketball in her pass time. Her dream is to become a member of the NBA women’s team. She works hard to make her dreams true and for that, she is doing all possible things and setting her goal. She loves to play basketball and she wants to make her career in this sport as well.

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Wisconsin Volleyball Girl Video Viral

She stated that her passion and love for volleyball started when her younger sister named Bella was playing volleyball and she got the inspiration that her 3 years younger sister was playing so well then why she can’t later on she got interested in many games and she began to play volleyball and serving for 3 years in Carmel located in Indiana. As of now, she is in the news because of her goal and the winning she provides to her team. People are constantly talking about her and want the link to the video. As of now, we just only have this many details but we will be back soon. Till then be connected with us and don’t forget to read our further articles.

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