TIKTOK: What Is The WHAT KILLED BARNEY THE DINOSAUR Trend On Tiktok? How Did It Start? Explained!

Welcome back everyone online citizens can indeed start asking questions about literally anything and we have come across a very similar kind of trend in the form of what killed barney the dinosaur. People are getting sympathetic to this Mascot and they want to know what happened to him and why he is not appearing on the platform. If you go on the New York City police department website then you can find that in November 1997.


This dinosaur was established to death by the authorities and it was a violent description of a children’s icon It was depicted as dying and murdered and it has now again captivated the attention of online users and they want to know about his story and what is the reason behind his dramatic death. It all happened during an amazing Thanksgiving parade in 1997 the dinosaur was taking a lot of passive wind and it suddenly ripped open when it hit a lamp post.

How Did What Killed Barney The Dinosaur Trend Start?

The New York Police Department officers were trying to save people from the Dinosaur it was going to hit people in the crowd there could have been a lot of damage and fortunately, they were able to evade the damage. So it was a total accident and the content creators are taking advantage by manipulating certain keywords that led to this tragic event they are receiving a heavy amount of views millions and it is a pretty good thing for them and that’s why this trend is not stopping and there is much more to come.

What Happened To Barney The Dinosaur?

You can find his official images which are of pink colour and wearing a magician and he is warmly welcoming the audience it was a children’s icon that everybody loved and it appeared in Barney and his friends’ show. It has some pretty distinctive features and the walk and style of this animal are pretty different and it is I caught to the youngsters and that’s why it was pretty popular in 1992. Videos containing the title death of the dinosaur have received millions of responses in such a short amount of time and that’s why content creators don’t want to accept the fact that it is just a minor story and nothing more than a joke.


What And Who Killed Barney The Dinosaur TikTok Trend Meaning Explained As  It Goes Viral - The SportsGrail

They will continue making such videos because it is benefiting them and that’s how you gain popularity on a social media platform. For more than 14 seasons. It was a stuffed one and it had multiple catchphrases like dashing bashing. So cutting straight to the point This is nothing but a hilarious story and we will be back with some more updates in the future until then keep reading articles on our website.

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