Shooting Reported Outside The Funeral In Pittsburgh, Six People Were Shot, Who Is The Shooter?

In this article we are going to give you a shocking piece of an incident that is coming straight from social media and the whole social media is filled with this topic you might be curious to know what kind of topic we are going to introduce you with so this is going to be related to the killing of the people in Pittsburg where the shooting has taken place and at this moment condition of that particular location is not great. Let us know about the whole situation and the shooting in detail.


So recently we have been coming across this particular shooting and as per the reports we have been getting this information that three people were being shot and were being killed in this particular incident that has taken place in the north side talking about the first person who was 33 years old name was Jacquelen C. Mehalic. Talking more about her and her personal life so she was the mother and was the mother of four young children everyone used to love her and she use to reside near Homer city.

Who Are The Victims Of Shooting Outside The Funeral In Pittsburgh?

Another person was Betty Jean Averytt. Both of them were innocent but they were manually got involved in this particular shooting and were killed they were the by standards in the Avenue of the shooting both of the Amber waiting for their buses but eventually, the particular incident took place where they both were being gunshot in the parking lot talking about the third victim who was the teenager and he was 20 years old and the name of the person was John Hornezes.

Who is The Shooter?

So talking about the fourth victim who has been suffering a lot and also was an innocent bystander who was involved in the shooting he got a shot in his leg but somehow he managed to escape from the location and he drove himself to this particular hospital however the victim name has not been really at but the investigation is still going on and we will make sure to give you the for the updates as soon as possible.

cctv footage of pittburgh shoting  

Six people were wounded outside a Pittsburgh church during a funeral for a  man killed in a shooting, officials say

The people who were involved in the shooting and have lost their life family have been setting up a page for them so that people can raise formed for their families however it is basically for helping the families so that they can pay for their funeral expenses we know that it is a very tough time for everyone as it is a hard breaking as well as shocking news wishing the family our full support and deep sympathy at this moment. May their souls rest in peace.

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