Hoax Shooting Reported At Santa Cruz High School Today, No Injuries & Active Shooter Found!

Recently the news is coming up and we are here to give you the latest update about this particular incident that is making a lot of controversies on the social media platform we also know that our readers are getting curious and they are eagerly waiting for us to explain the whole matter related to the Santa Cruz high school where we are getting this news of an active shooting. You are at the right place because we will make sure to give you the relevant information regarding the high school shooting and we will make sure to clear all your doubts in this article.


Now coming on to the main topic this report came up on Thursday regarding these shootings at Santa Cruz high school. However everyone was quite worried and concerned about their loved ones and especially the parents of these students but unfortunately, after the investigation, they came to know that it was a hoax. However, this incident took place around 9:30 a.m. when the whole department of law of enforcement was present at the moment in the school and they were completely investigating an active shooter.

No Active Shooter Was Found In Santa Cruz High School Shooting

The whole social media was completely filled with a lot of questions regarding an active Shooter and shooting present and the school but however, but the school department took their time and they also posted the whole situation and the humour that has been spreading all over the social media platform and then everyone gets to know about this shooting is believed to be a hoax. As we have already told you that there are multiple rumours regarding shootings that have been taking place lately.

Santa Cruz active shooter hoax had local hospital on alert

No Injuries Were Reported At Santa Cruz High School

Coming on to the students and the staff department so as per the sources and reports all the students and department members are safe they have been following every possible safety protocol so that they can secure that each and every student is safe however there is no doubt where we can say that there are several other schools who have been receiving a lot of calls which is said to be a fake call regarding the shooting however no student is injured and everyone is fine however the school was being placed on lockdown .

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