Mason French’s Family Initiates Fundraiser To Pay For Tragic Bus Crash Victims’ Funeral In Whitburn!

Welcome back everyone we have really unfortunate news coming straight from Whitburn where an 11-year-old bot Mason French was brutally killed in a horrible bus collision when he was riding on his bicycle. We would like to express our deepest apologies and sympathy to the family and may his soul rest in peace because he was an innocent child who was just travelling here and there. Police authorities have started an investigation into this matter and they are trying to catch the bus driver as of now, there is only CCTV surveillance footage.

WATCH CCTV surveillance footage  


Family of Mason French, 11, launch fundraiser to pay for funeral after tragic  bus crash in Whitburn

Available and they are looking for more possible evidence. It all happened on Tuesday around 3 in the evening and specially trained officers were immediately called out of their departments now they are making a parameter around the area and everybody is trying to support the family of the deceased. A fundraiser has also been initiated and you can donate for financial assistance it would be a really good job. They are facing a lot of financial difficulties at off now and they are going to arrange the funeral for the 11-year-old innocent soul.

Who Are The Victims Of The Bus Crash In Whitburn?

And a few thousand Dollars would help to survive the situation. The target is of more than 15000 pounds and already 5,000 pounds are available and we have to reach the goal as soon as possible. There is not a lot of knowledge available about the young boy and he was just like another normal child stuck in a busy routine from home to school the cycle keeps on but one day when he was enjoying his ride on the bike he is suddenly struck by a bus. There is no information about the identity of the driver.


Pictured: 'Precious' 11-year-old boy who was killed when he was hit by a bus  while riding his bike | Daily Mail Online

How Did Bus Crash Incident Occurred In Whitburn?

And our team is still doing research and if he is found guilty then he had done embarrassing work and he should be prosecuted in court. We will be back with some more updates until then stay tunetoth our website. The family was crying in front of the media and the local TV channel list work quickly covered the situation they were integrating The Neighbours for any kind of information but nothing was available and that’s why the whole case is up to the police now.

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