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NASA tweeted: “Today’s #ParkerSolarProbe launch at @NASASun has been canceled. Starting teams will attempt to start Sunday morning.”

The mission has been cleared to give engineers more time to investigate red flags raised in the final moments before launch.


Officials said the problem was related to gaseous helium pressure alerts on the spacecraft.

Mic Woltman of NASA’s Launch Services Program said: “The team worked really hard tonight trying to navigate the launch and see all the things they had to do to get to the terminal count.

“When we captured the count and reached t-4 minutes, the team received a red pressure alert for gaseous helium.

“That kicked them (the team) out and now the team is looking and assessing that, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to address the issue that was released tonight.”

“Today’s launch of the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket carrying the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft was aborted due to a launch restriction violation, causing disruption,” NASA said on its live blog.

“Launch is scheduled for Sunday, August 12 from Space Launch Complex-37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Forecasts indicate favorable weather conditions for a 60% chance of launch. Start time is 3:31AM ET Minute.”


The T-Clock, the clock that counts down the final four minutes, stops at minus 1:55 before realizing the launch window will expire before all checks are allowed.

The launch has been rescheduled for Sunday at 8.31am BST (3.31pm EDT).

The object will begin its historic journey to “kiss” the sun after being delayed multiple times this morning. NASA had forecast a 95 percent chance of favorable weather conditions for this morning’s launch.

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