Why Was Dean Kerrie Arrested? A Young Man Stabbed & Killed An Intruder, All Charges & Allegations!

Dean Kerrie who was suspected to be the murderer of an intruder who entered his house was sentenced to four ears this week and the decision of the trial was released in the media. It was revealed that the accused used force which was termed as grossly and he was entitled to use defense force for himself but instead ended up killing the intruder. The trial went on for hours and the final decision was given out. Dean who is 21 years old and was a teen when the incident occurred was all silent during the trials said Dean’s parents. Let us learn more in detail about this case and also learn about the incident as well in detail.


As per the reports, the sentence was for four years but as Dean already spent many months under the suspicion and also under surveillance his punishment was given and reduced to three and a half years of imprisonment. As per the statement given out by Mr Justice Paul Mc Dermott, the suspect, Dean used a knife on the victim while he used force which was grossly and excessive while the victim on the other hand was unarmed. When Dean was taken into consideration, or when the incident occurred, Dean was just 17 years old. The final decision passed on by the judge was that as the sentence was backdated from June, and Dean spent his punishment time in the suspicion, he will be granted imprisonment of four years and six months with a suspension of two years.

What Happened With Dean Kerrie?

Dean who resides at St Brigid’s square Portarlington in Co Laois was at his house on the night of July 26, 2018, when the victim entered his house. Mr. Power who is the victim, as per his brother was drunk on the day of the incident and his car was damaged, as per Power’s brother, Mr. Power suspected Dean of this damage and entered his house. While on the other hand, dean’s mother said that the victim assaulted Dean and then was about to get to her, it is then that Dean used a knife that was nearby and stabbed the victim. Power entered the house by smashing Dean’s house window and then unlocking the house door.

Teenager, 17, stabbed intruder to death when he broke into house in middle  of night - World News - Mirror Online


Dean Kerrie Stabbed & Killed An Intruder

Mr. Power was described as an exceptionally hard-working man and he was a fisherman who was filled with his father’s encouragement. It was noted by the judge that power on one hand was a tall and tough guy and on the other hand, Dean was just a teen who was lean and slightly short. It was last given out be the trails and the decision was made that Dean used excessive force on the victim and that is the reason why he passed away at the scene and was unable to be saved. As per the reports and the laws it was mentioned that as dean was just a teen and already spent much of his life in trials and court his punishment was given for four years but if it was committed by adult imprisonment would have been given for seven years straight.

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