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Mary Lincoln is a gospel singer from Kikuyu who struggled a lot in her career but as she married, she went through more difficulties with her children as well. Mary recently went through an interview where she spoke about her mental health and her children’s health effect on her while she added that she wanted to be more clear about her children and wanted to give them a more secure life which is healthier for them Mary was blessed with three children but her eldest child is disabled and she also has a daughter as well while her daughter as well went through difficulties. Let us learn more about Mary and also learn about her recent interview.


Mary who is a married woman went through difficulties because of her children. Mary was earlier in a relationship and she was granted with her son as well. Mary and a radio host Njogu Wa Njoroge are now married and are parents to Mary’s children from her earlier relationship. Mary is a religious woman who believes in spirituality and she often speaks about how her career ended up being a gospel singer while she was earlier not so much involved in spirituality. Mary in her interview cleared up how she went through difficulties for her daughter and had to face an emotional drawback for her children. She has three children out of which one is disabled and the other went through a massive surgery at a young age.

Who Is Mary Lincoln?

Mary who went through an interview said that her firstborn who is a  boy went through disability and it broke her heart. Moreover, she accepted the fact that her child was disabled and he has to live with that. Mary added that through many faces she learned that her child is as he is. Later she also explained how her daughter was born later and she was happy with her but one fine day when she wain her parlour doing one woman’s braid she got a call from her babysitter saying that her daughter had a lump on her head and it will get worse if not treated well, which got her in a messier place as she was already dealing with issues with her son.

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Mary said that the woman whose braid she was doing heard the conversation and suggested surgery. Mary revealed that once she met a man who said that she will face difficulties in her life, but will overcome them, so with that in her mind, Mary opted for surgery. She added that her daughter had to go through surgery when she was just a toddler and Mary was in the hospital for three months until her daughter was finally fine and healthier as well. Mary added that through difficulties she learned that these difficulties will arrive but will fade away soon. She added that he gets dreams and visions when she is on her bed but it doesn’t get her in trouble. She highly praises god for the things she is blessed with.

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