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Ekaterina Katisa is a person who is quite famous on the internet while she has a bunch of followers on her social media posts, and news about her well-being came up on the internet. As per the reports, the young lady was found dead and the police are still interrogating her demise case. While it is been reported that the influencer was murdered police suspected that the case might be jealousy and overpowering because she was famous and had a bunch of followers as well. Ekaterina who was suspected to have reported to her parents call and report on social media as well was missing from her regular activities.


Katisa who was specializing in dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases was found dead in her apartment and she was packed in a suitcase. Police revealed that Katisa’s parents who did not receive even a call from their daughter and were concerned about her daughter as she was also not posting on social media made them conscious ad they informed the local police about it. When the landlord arrived at the house and the house was unlocked she was found dead and her throat was cut as well. katisa was killed brutally and her case is currently under investigation. Police revealed that the poor 24 years old beauty blogger was found naked.

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Who Is Ekaterina Katislo?

As per the reports Katisa was found in her rented apartment which is on Moscow Pyreva street. Police also stated that the case shows leads of jealousy and hatred as the influencer was beautiful, had her education and was quite famous as well on the internet. She has an Instagram account as well under the name katty where she has over 80,000 followers she also was qualified for a beauty pageant and was a contestant who was qualified for Pirogov Russian state research medical student which was prestigious. Her followers say that she was a doctor as well who worked at the hospital in the city and she was similar to actress Audrey Hepburn.

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Ekaterina Katislo: Wikipedia & Bio

There are many facts in this case of jealousy as Katisa shared various aspects of happiness, and success as well. Her parents revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend who was aged 32 years old and she was dating an even more aged guy who was 52 years old. Police have also suspected the two guys in her life. Katisa’s parents suspected that she was on a trip to Corfu in July and was a flight on the 22nd of July 2022, That was the last time she posted and there was no social media post after that and her fans along with her parents were concerned for her well-being.

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