What Happened To Robert Askins? Was He A freeway Phantom? What Is Freeway Phantom? Reason!

This article is going to be very interesting for all of you as there are several questions regarding Robert askins Freeway Phantom people wanted to know whether he is dead or alive there are several investigations that are also going on and it is said to be the investigation discovery of people magazine investigates so as we already have been through a lot of news and if we are informing you about the Freeway Phantom he has been following serial murderer who used to call themselves as the Freeway Phantom.

So going intense in the topic while they used to operate in Washington DC and dis particular thing used to operate in between April in the year 1971 and September 1972 so they were once over-involved in this particular killing which is said to be a very terrific killing and their work approximately 6 minor black girls involved in the whole scenario, however, talking about the suspect who was one of the investigators throughout this particular serial whose name was Robert Elwood Askins who was the one who used to hatred and has hate for women’s.

Was Robert Askins A freeway Phantom?

Since then there are numerous questions out there and people are really curious to know whether he is really Freeway Phantom or not so read this article 10 last to get the latest update about this particular information Robert Elwood was 19 years old and he was a student and also he was a part and actively participated in the science Club of the minor teacher’s college located in Washington DC in December 1938 as we have told you that he used to hate women which result in him committing some real crimes.

Six black girls brutally murdered by the Freeway Phantom :  r/UnsolvedMysteries

Who Was Robert Askins?

So on December 28 in the year 1938, he attempted something which was very cruel he was serving whiskey to 6 workers this took place at the local brothel however this was a very terrific situation and it resulted in the death of one woman who was 31 years old her name was Ruth McDonald however after attempting this crime just 2 days later he also went and stabbed Elizabeth Johnson who was 26 years old at the moment he was being caught and taken to the custody and he accepted that he has committed this particular murder on December 13, 1938, and where he revealed the hate for the women.

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