Who Was Stacie Ball & Cause Of Death? Mother Of Six Shot To Death At Detroit Motel, Who Killed Her?

 A mother who had six children was shot to death and her body was found in a hotel where she was on a vacation. The family urges for justice and the police are still finding the murderer as they lack pieces of evidence. This case emerged from Detroit where a mother was shot to death last week on Tuesday and a week later as well there is no response from the team of police. The family members are desperate to know who killed the woman and they are urging justice for their daughter, sister, and mother while the police are still investigating this case, Let us learn more in detail about this issue and also know about the family’s statement as well.


Mother of 6 shot to death at Detroit motel leaves family desperate for  justice

Stacie Ball was the one who was killed in the Detroit motel where her body was found lifeless. She was just 42 years old when she passed away leaving behind a huge family. As per the reports her body was found at the Travel Inn on harper road and it was found last week on Tuesday, eight days there is no report about the murderer and there is no case update. Stacie’s sister Sherry said in a statement that she was murdered a week ago and there is no report yet. Her mother Lugusta ball added that after they found no update on Stacie on Facebook Stacie’s children started panicking and it alarmed the family members.

Stacie Ball Death Reason

Lugusta, Stacie’s mother added that there was no update from Stacie for a week and above and it created panic among the family members and the children a swell, Her friends started looking for Stacie and stumbled across a huge gathering of police, it is when the family members came to know about Stacie being dead, Authorities have said that Stacie was shot several times and she had blood smeared as well. Stacie’s mother Lugusta said that Stacie was struggling with substance abuse and she struggled in her life to leave that addiction. The last talk that the mother-daughter had was that Lugusta was asking Stacie to come back while she was trying hard to come back and leave the addiction.

Mother of 6 shot to death at Detroit motel leaves family desperate for  justice


What Happened With Stacie Ball?

Lugusta in her statement has said that Stacie was the life of the party and was survived by six children, Her sister added that she wants Stacie’s case to get justice and the culprit to be caught soon, Sherry added that she hopes that one day she could stand and say how badly hurt she is. Detroit police revealed that they are still investigating the case and that if there is any update they will inform you about it While they also asked for the public’s assistance in finding information about the woman and her actions during the time she was on vacation. And if there is any update people are asked to report to the Police department homicide section.

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