Trans Comedian JORDAN GRAY Strips Video Of Friday Night Went Viral On Social Media!

A terrible and shameful video is getting viral on several social media platforms which makes people disgusting to watch. Netizens are criticizing the person depicted in the video and it is really making it uncomfortable to watch. As usual, this video has NSFW content but this time the act has happened in front of many people and the person has done it intentionally. Those who have watched the video know what we are talking about but those who have not watched it yet want to know. The viral video is the moment in which a transgender singer tear his clothes and was completely n@ked and after that, he plays the keyboard with her p**is.


Watch Transgender Comedian Jordan Gray Live Performance On Channel 4  Playing Keyboard -

Jordan Gray Stripping Video

This moment happened during the performance prior to playing the keyboard with his private part and all this thing happened on the live telecast where many people were present and many cameras were recording the performance. The transgender identified as Jordan Grey was initially a male at the time of his birth and later on, he underwent transition surgery. The singer recently comes up on Friday Night Live On 22nd October 2022 and the show was telecasted on Channel 4. The moment was so sudden and really hard to believe for many people. During the performance, the singer was giving the performance a piece of expletive-filled music about the experiences and phases she faced before taking the decision to become a trans lady after it.


Jordan Gray Strips Naked Live On Channel

But it is beyond the imagination that she strips n@ked during the live show. According to the reports, the show was part of the one-off comes up of the famous standup show which was earlier telecasted in the 80s. The show was initially called Saturday Live and telecasted on Channel 4. The channel was commemorating the 40th birthday of the show. The event was full of many guests and many comedians comes up how as part of the original show such as Harry Enfield, and Jo Brand. Not only the old ones but new talent also came up on the show such as Rosie Jones, and Gray.

Trans Comedian Jordan Gray Full Controversy

This comedy show was anchored by Ben Elton and now everyone is talking about it. The singer really makes the show memorable not in a good sense obviously. Social media is flooded with many comments and people are showing their reactions it is really hard to believe that someone can do such a thing on a national television show. Prior to giving the performance, Gray informed her followers on Twitter that “Tonight we create history”. The singer earlier appeared on The Voice in the year 2016. The video is making the rounds all over the web and people are sharing their reactions.

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