OnlyF Model Louise Roberts Video & Photos Viral On Reddit, Twitter & YouTube Link, Who Is She?

As there was a lockdown announced during the pandemic, and people started losing their jobs and eventually ended up looking for work from home, many jobs eventually closed because of the lack of sources, lack of employment, and lack of support as well. In such a situation one job that was going tough was teaching and teachers were going through a tough phase as many of them lost their jobs and some even did not get the opportunity to teach online. One such teacher who lost her job and did not get paid enough switched from her long career of teaching into a social media star and she is Louise Roberts. Louis recently went through an interview and she spoke about her career online.


After Louise went through a tough phase during the lockdown and she lost her job as well, She shifted from the daily up-down and scheduled work to a social media job where she often gets followed. Louise is an only f star now and she earns a massive amount through her video and photos online. She posts pictures and videos online on Only f and on various platforms like TikTok and Instagram as well where she speaks about her life and also she posts her pictures. Louise was a teacher earlier and she often gets requests from her students as well. Throughout the time she speaks about how her students try to message her and are open to her.

Who Is Louise Roberts?

Louise speaks on her interview that she often requests on her Only F page and her other social media handles where they request her to speak with her and they appreciate her body as well. While on the other hand side, she adds that she was very clear when it comes to her students and she doesn’t want her students to get into the field, so she blocks them and doesn’t reply to what they said. She added that she never wants her students to click pictures or download stuff of her and then speak about it online or in school as well and that would also give her stress and unwanted attention that she never wants from any of her students.

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Louise Roberts: Wikipedia & Bio

Louise once was a teacher and she was in the profession for the last 40 years after which she started to post pictures online and eventually moved on to become an Only F model. Later she eventually became a professional influencer as well. She has over 185,000 followers on her Only account, 254,000 followers on her TikTok account, and about 186,000 on her Instagram account in total, she also earned a huge amount only through Only F and more amount through other deals as well. She gained a massive amount of 560,000 through her Only F account. She added while speaking about her students that she doesn’t want any of her students to talk about her and it would down her confidence if she doesn’t block them.

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